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The aim is to capture the link between people and their bikes as well as the various roles bicycles play in their lives: workhorse, career, transport, play thing, extension of their persona.
The humble bicycle provides people freedom, independence and a means to make a living or simply allows them to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, taking them back to happier, calmer time in their life.
Everyone who has ridden a bike remembers their first time, that feeling of independence and elation at mastering the balance and co-ordination required to pilot your bike down the lawn or street with a proud parent or friend watching.

The portraits take no more than 10 minutes, so please click here to contact me with willing participants - ta gary.

Simon Ndika

Simon Ndika, Middelburg Pass Citrusdal.

Simon rode the up Middelburg Pass outside Citrusdal on a sweltering Sunday in October 2007. When i asked where he was headed - he replied "nowhere, I came here to look at the view". He had borrowed his friend's bike that day as his bike was getting repaired.

Andrew Wheeldon

Andrew Wheeldon, Bicycle Philanthropist

Andrew is the man behind BEN - the Bicycle Empowerment Network - which aims to alleviate poverty through the use of bicycles. Andrew is actively involved in helping our country use bicyles to make a difference and to make our cities safer for cyclists through education and awareness campaigns.

Phil Liggett

Phil Liggett, MBE

Phil is known as the voice of cycling due to his 34 years of covering the Tour de France - cyclings biggest professional race. When not on the road working, Phil divides his time between the UK and South Africa. This photo was taken on summers morning training ride on the road to the Steenbras Dam pump station above Gordons Bay.

Isaac Malgas

Isaac Malgas of Fonteine Plaas

Isaac works on the Fonteine Plaas near Adelaide in the Eastern Cape. On a Saturday morning, he rides 30km on a dirt road and then 15kms on the R63 to Adelaide to do his weekly shopping - which he puts on his rack and then rides home. The stick is for the neighbourhood dogs - but Isaac was quick to point it is just for waving them off and not to hit them.

Patrick Mokwena & Edward Molefe of Clarens

Patrick Mokwena & Edward Molefe, Main Street Clarens

Edward & Patrick work for the Clarens community police forum, helping educate and inform the local clay scultoprs to ply their wares in a central demarcated area, as opposed to in front the numerous art galleries in the increasingly popular town in the Free State. The forum own and maintain the bikes, but as the proud Patrick and Edward were quick to point out they were getting new ones any day now.

Andrew Kummer, Mountain bike pioneer

Andrew Kummer, mountainbike pioneer

Andrew, 43, has been riding bikes on and off for 40 years, a reluctant starter he has made up for that by using a bike to explore himself and his world, travelled the country to race, travelled across europe, commuted when possible, and even ferried coal on his bike in the middle of an English winter. Andrew's current bike is a 2004 Yeti Kokopelli ASR that he bought to celebrate his 21st year mountainbiking.

Christoph Sauser, World Champion

Christoph Sauser, World Champion

Christoph, the 2007 World Marathon Champion, spends 2 months of every year training and living in Stellenbosch. At first he thought of the bicycle as simply transport from A to B - but since 1991 his bike has changed his life: passion and profession. Plus its the best way to get around the world!

Luthando Kaka, Future Champion

Luthando Kaka, Champion in the making

An accomplished road racer, Luthando has represented his country on numerous occasions in the last few years ... but this year he is dividing his time between the road and the dirt. Luthando lives in Khayelitsha and works at Bicycling Magazine as an editorial assistant.

Derek Jacobs, Newspaper Deliveryman

Derek Jacobs, Newspaper Deliveryman

Derek Jacobs of Gugalethu rides from Mowbray to deliver newspapers in Woodstock. He has been doing the rounds for 3 years now. I could hardly hold the bike up!

James Hirst, Security Guard

56 year old James Hirst works as a security guard at the Northgate Estate near Paarden Eiland in Cape Town. James rides to and from Gardens every day - rain or shine.


Paul Edmunds, Artist

Paul rides bikes for transport - commuiting daily from Gardens to his studio in Woodstock - as well as recreationally - racing events around Cape Town.

Hendrik Booies, R46 near Porterville

Hendrik rides the 27km between the Septemerskraal farm to his work in Piketberg on a daily basis on his fixed gear bike.


Eric Snyers, N7 near Malmesbury

Eric was riding to Stellenbosch to Cedarberg after visiting family there in February. Eric took the epic ride in stages, sleeping in police stations along the way. Eric works in Franschoek for a garden service and commutes daily from Stellenbosch to his work.

Conrad Stoltz

Conrad Stoltz, multiple World Champion

My 1st bike ride was on a little purple 2 wheeler with white "balloon" tires my parent got at the Pawn Shop. I was 3 years old, my no-nonsense dad took me too the putting green at the Lydenburg golf course, put me on and gave me a push. Soon the golfers started complaining about the divots my pedals made upon hard cornering.
When I was a bit older I told my parents I want a "knoppebande fiets". Christmas Father brought me a huge scrambler minus the engine when I was about 7- I was in heaven.
On the way to school it was always a Time Trail. I left as late as possible, (right after Tom and Jerry on TV) and drukked it all the way, just to scrape into the "fiets loods" before the 2nd bell rings. Man I hated school.
When I finally did finish school I turned pro right away- racing road triathlon in France.
Obviously, cycling has always been my great passion, and I am amazingly fortunate to be able to make my passion my profession...

  Bobby Behan

Bobby Behan, Stellenbosch

Irishman Bobby Behan, 34 has been riding bicycles since he could walk! He has raced as a professional triathlete on all continents. Bobby now works for Specialized Bicycles Global Marketing Department where he is Sports Marketing Manager for mountain biking and triathlon. This photo was taken in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, South Africa featuring Bobby's daily commuter The Specialized Langster New York, the coolest bicycle he has ever owned!

Vernon Barendilla

Vernon Barendilla, Tokai

Vernon of Strandfontein Village bought this bike in March 2009, to try and cycle once a week on dirt. He does ride twice a week on the road on his road bike. He enjoys riding Tokai and has also ridden the loop around the Kogelberg Nature Reserve.

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