Gary Perkin

Where to begin? The beginning is as good a place as any I guess. I didn’t start out as a photographer, but I sure hope I end up as one.

I’ve done a lot of jobs and occupations but none have given me the satisfaction, solitude, acceptance and freedom to express myself as the simple act of trying to capture images of people riding their bikes. The art of riding a bike is such a simple thing yet produces so much happiness, freedom & independence every single time. I have watched my daughter Molly ride her bike since she was about 20 months old and it always makes me feel at peace with things.

It is a similar kind of feeling I get when I try take photos on some hillside on a far flung side of the globe watching people ride their bikes between the tape. Granted it’s probably raining, and I’ve worked 19 hour days for the previous 6 weeks on the road and travelled from one side of the planet to the other chasing the calendar and marking off days till I get home to hear how Molly & Karen’s day went.

All I can hope is that you enjoy the images for what they are – a fraction of a second’s attempt to summarise a feeling, a place, an instant. To paraphrase W.S. Merwin if I may be so bold;

I asked how can you ever be sure
that what you shoot is really
any good at all and he said you can’t

you can’t you can never be sure
you die without knowing
whether anything you shot was any good
if you have to be sure don’t shoot